About Me

Hello! I am Dan Hart, a Surrey-based designer and developer specializing in website construction and content creation.

In 2016 I began my journey into the world of web design and development, initially motivated by a longstanding interest in starting a blog. I had very limited prior experience with the technical aspects of such an endeavour, so I decided to take the time to learn about coding, design principles and graphics editing software. This process was fascinating, appealing to both my logical-mindedness and love of dazzling visual aesthetics, and I decided to pursue design and development as a career.

I have since continued to complete online courses and tutorials to further improve my skills, and I am now ready and keen to start working in the field professionally. This follows a strong history of employment in a variety of roles including customer service, IT support, sales, administration and retail over the last ten years. Having built a solid, diverse foundation of experience, I am now looking forward to concentrating on a more focused and permanent vocation.
















  • Enhance and expand my knowledge of markup and scripting languages in order to fully understand and master their more advanced nuances and intricacies
  • Broaden my skillset to include a wider range of libraries, frameworks and content management systems for increased efficiency and versatility
  • Gain experience using my abilities at a professional level, learning best practices and becoming familiar with industry standards and conventions
  • Develop a more comprehensive capability with visual design tools and techniques to facilitate the creation of beautiful, complex, high-quality graphics and artwork
  • Enjoy a long, successful career in a field that offers the opportunity to use creative problem solving, to be constructive, and to earn a sense of pride and satisfaction from completing challenging and exciting projects

Contact Me

If you have any suitable roles available and are interested in working with me, or if you would like to request further information or offer any feedback and advice, please contact me by phone at 07928 291062 or by e-mail using the following form: